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The Weighted Silver Snake is the perfect companion for your neck. It wraps and twists delighting both young and old.
Weighted animals help children remain attentive in class, focus during homework, alleviate excess energy or provide the necessary calmnes
A contemporary style heart with a gloss finish. Glossy feel, ideal for the sensory seeker. Good as a fidget, can be squeezed and has good bounce back for hand strength.

It’s quite chunky and on a super soft silk cord too. This looks amazing, the pictu
Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple
These spiral tubes contain fat spherical colorful droplets that roll in a line down a spiral staircase. Great calming tool. Size: 5.90" x 2".
Dice-like soft foam cubes help kids relate words to feelings with depictions of common emotions
Friendly smiley face icons based on imagery from popular mobile messaging apps
Twelve different faces cover the emotional spectrum, from Happy and sad to Ang
An irresistible kinetic illusion
Teachers: a great addition to your fidget toys for the classroom
Featuring colorful, durable wood with a fabric ribbon
Learning Resources Oodles of Aliens Sorting Saucer
Learning Resources Barnyard Friends Build & Spin
Oval shape with a spider cut-out design on the front side, smooth on the back side
Available in 3 color-coded toughness levels
Adjustable breakaway cord
Personally made by ARK in Columbia, SC USA
Ooze Tubes with thick goopey jelly in blue, pink and green that slowly oozes and spirals to the bottom. Great calming tool. Size: 4.75" x 2". Grades: PreK+
Easy to make clear gel adds a new dimension to sensory play. This vegetable based vegan material can be moulded and help children develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Lasts for over a week, can be melted and reused up to three times. 200m
Explore concepts of light, opacity, shapes, counting, sorting and environment with this array of transparent, translucent and reflective materials. The included guide is full of activities and concepts that are all research based and created from national
Light Up Your Imagination! Our rugged cube is portable, durable and rechargeable. It even strobes, flashes and changes color with the touch of a button! The cube is the perfect size for individual and small group play. Young children can stand or kneel at
With latex-free rubberized and textured bumps, the Tangle BrainTools Imagine is perfect for fidgeting anytime, anywhere! With its bright and vibrant colors, the Imagine is the latest addition to the Tangle family of fun educational toys!
Showingof 342 item(s)