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Smart Early Learning: Basic French

Inside Basic French workbook: French worksheets cover the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, and solids.


French Poster - les parties du corps

A day at the beach illustrates the parts of the body, in french!


French Sight Words Smart Poly™ Learning Mat

French Sight Words Smart Poly™ Learning Mat 12"x17"
100 First year on front, 100 second year on back.


French Poster - les groupes de participes passes

18" x 24" poster with the " groupes de participes passes"


French Poster - les pronoms personnels sujets

A visual reminder of this essential concept for building sentences, in french,


French Poster - Des loisirs

French Poster - Des loisirs, with 18 popular leisure activities


French Chart - Liste des taches

Grommet hole at the top for easy hanging! Great for reusable learning!


French Weather Wheel

Turn the wheel to match the weather & fill in the daily information/ forecast. 2 pieces, no assembly required.


French Certificate Pad - Felicitations

Great french certificates to recognize accomplishments & their special day.


Canadian Symbols (EN/FR)

Includes photos and illustrations of Canadian Flag, Coat of Arms, National Anthem, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Hockey, Totem Pole, Canada Goose, Beaver, Canadian Coins, Parliament Buildings, and labels for each, plus Map of Canada and Canada header. In


French Emoji - How Are You Feeling Chart

French Emoji "How Are You Feeling" Smart Poly™ Chart 13" x 19"


French Poster - bonne fete

Keep track of your students’ birthdays on this 18" x 24" laminated poster!


French Poster - Les determinants possessifs

Your students can refer to illustrated, in-context examples to learn the rules of possessive adjectives.


French Certificate Pad - Bonne Fete

Great french certificates to recognize their special day - Bonne Fete!


French Calendar Pals Laminated

A laminated, dry-erase calendar plus organizers for your daily oral practice.


French Bookmarks-Rulers

Printed on both sides. Made from sturdy, laminated stock.
Each pack includes a class set of 32 rulers.


Basic French verbs (7pk) Poster Set

The 7 basic French verb posters, all in the present tense, singular & plural.


French Poster - Nous Sommes

Inspire U motivational posters in French will resonate with students and adults of all ages to inspire positive thinking and attitude. They are great for display in a school, church, workplace, dormitory, senior living residence, and anywhere a little ins


French Mini Fruit Stickers

More Mini Stickers! Pieces of fruit with inspirational words, in French!


French Poster - Des sports

18 of the most popular competitive sports, in french words.


French Poster - dans la salle de classe

Commonly used classroom words, in french, with pictures!

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