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French Poster - Des loisirs

French Poster - Des loisirs, with 18 popular leisure activities


French Emoji - How Are You Feeling Chart

French Emoji "How Are You Feeling" Smart Poly™ Chart 13" x 19"


French Poster - Les determinants possessifs

Your students can refer to illustrated, in-context examples to learn the rules of possessive adjectives.


French Poster - bonne fete

Keep track of your students’ birthdays on this 18" x 24" laminated poster!


French Poster - dans la salle de classe

Commonly used classroom words, in french, with pictures!


French Poster - les pronoms personnels sujets

A visual reminder of this essential concept for building sentences, in french,


French Bingo-les parties du corps

Practice vocabulary comprehension and have fun, while learning the basic body parts.


Les Sept enseignements sacres

Il y a des lunes, j’ai entendu mes enfants pleurer… Aujourd’hui, je reviens sous la forme de la Femme Bison Blanc.

Aujourd’hui, je reviens te révéler les sept enseignements sacrés. Les Sept enseignements sacrés nous parle de valeurs traditionn


French Poster set - Seven Teachings

Size: 12" x 18"(Size: 30.48cm x 45.72cm)
7 Posters Per Package!


French Weather Wheel

Turn the wheel to match the weather & fill in the daily information/ forecast. 2 pieces, no assembly required.


French Poster - Des sports

18 of the most popular competitive sports, in french words.


French Poster- les couleurs

Colourful poster with fish, representing the colours in french!


Smart Early Learning: Basic French

Inside Basic French workbook: French worksheets cover the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, and solids.


Quand j'avais huit ans

Une adaptation du roman à succès Les bas du pensionnat pour les lecteurs débutants!

Olemaun a huit ans et elle sait beaucoup de choses. Mais elle ne sait pas lire. Faisant fi des avertissements de son père, elle effectue un long voyage pour aller à l'é


French Poster - les groupes de participes passes

18" x 24" poster with the " groupes de participes passes"


French Phonics Fun - vowels

Excellent resource to introduce and practice French vowels for beginner readers. All vowels sounds and their spellings. Supports early reading skills.


French Certificate Pad- Certificat de merite

Great french certificates to recognize accomplishments & their special day.


French Mini Fruit Stickers

More Mini Stickers! Pieces of fruit with inspirational words, in French!


French Poster - Des Strategies pour comprendre

18" x 24" poster with the "Strategies pour comprendre" in french.

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