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The elk is Sweden’s national animal and is known for its impressive antlers. However, only male elk have them. Elk bulls start growing the antlers at the age of two. They can reach a weight of up to 20 kg. The bulls shed them each year and grow a new set.
A movable jaw and arms will encourage hours of imagination play!
Bring the wonder of the great outdoors into your home with the Nature Toob! Including a rabbit, beaver, doe, cardinal, gray wolf, fox, raccoon, black bear, moose, mountain lion, bald eagle, and a bison, this Toob has all kinds of unique animals that fly,
Safari Ltd Penguin TOOB With 10 Fun and Flightless Figurines, Including Gentoo, Humboldt, Chinstrap, Rockhopper, Galapagos, Adelie, Swimming, Sliding, Baby, And Penguin With Baby - Ages 3 And Up
Bring home all sorts of creepy crawlies with Insects Toob! This tube contains fourteen well-known insects like an ant, fly, scorpion, and caterpillar, each boasting realistic colors and details. Perfect for an educational introduction to common insects, i
Showingof 144 item(s)