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Critical Thinking for Math- Grade 8

Strengthen problem-solving skills for real-world success with Spectrum® Critical Thinking for Math.

Packed with activities and problem-solving strategies, Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math for eighth grade covers concepts such as:

integers a


Critical Thinking for Math- Grade 7

Build the confidence to apply math skills to everyday life with Spectrum® Critical Thinking for Math.

Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math for seventh grade provides practice in:

operations with rational nu


Subtraction Tables Chart

Convenient, useful learning tools that decorate as they educate! Each chart measures 17" by 22". Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart.


Place Value Pocket Chart

These lightweight and durable pocket charts feature colorful designs and hang easily from sturdy, metal grommets. Includes 38 place value chart cards and 30 foam sticks. Measures 14" x 20".


Numbers, Counting & More Pocket Chart Cards

Set includes:

192 total pieces. Largest card measures 18" x 3¼".
Title Cards: Numbers and Counting & All About the Number
0-20 number line
8 header cards
49 number cards, 21 word cards, 21 ten frame cards, 21 counting cards, 21


Learning Mat-Counting to 100

Practice writing numbers with ease, on this write-on/wipe off Learning Mat by Melissa & Doug.


Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes

Illustrating the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents is a snap with this set of 51 color-coded cubes. Durable, interlocking cubes feature fractions, decimals and percents clearly marked on each side, providing students with a visual repr


SumBlox Educational Set

For budding makers and mathematicians alike, SumBlox are an ingenious way to explore the foundations of mathematics in 3 dimensions. Sumblox are a hands-on transition from concrete to semi-concrete mathematical thinking. Carefully manufactured from natura


Addition Chart

Convenient, useful learning tools that decorate as they educate! Each chart measures 17" by 22". Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart.


MathLink Cubes, Set of 100

High-quality plastic cubes measure ¾” each and come in 10 bright colors.
These stackable cubes are easy for little hands to connect and twist apart.
Great for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. MathLink® Cubes f


Primary Bucket Balance

• Explore basic measurement concepts. This balance is perfect for measuring, exploring volume, and comparing solids and liquids. Calibrated clear buckets with removable lids hold solids or up to 400 ml of liquid and allow students to see what they have pl


Three Bear Family Weighted Rainbow Counters, Set of 96

This adorable set of plastic bears comes in three sizes, three weights and six colors. Not only will your little ones enjoy playing with these bears, but learn size recognition, counting and sorting. Bears are also proportionally weighted and can be used


Canadian Currency X-Change Activity Set

Activity Set includes 30 pennies, 20 nickels, 20 dimes, 20 quarters and 10 each of loonies (one dollar) and toonies (two dollars).

Also includes:

30 - $5
30 - $10
30 - $20
5 - $50
5 - $100


Critical Thinking for Math-Grade 6

Spectrum® Critical Thinking for Math helps sixth graders apply skills both in and out of the classroom.


Base Ten Magnetic Accents

Decorate and educate with these durable, reusable magnetic accents. Includes 64 total pieces: [2] Hundreds, [20] Tens, [42] Ones). Hundreds piece measures approx. 6-1/2".



Count on this classic wooden "calculator" for years of play and learning!


Complete Math Smart Gr. 2

Complete MathSmart provides plenty of interesting and systematic practice for developing and improving your child’s math skills. Through Complete MathSmart, your child not only understands the concepts better and masters the necessary skills, but he or sh


Snap It Up! Addition & Subtraction Card Game

This exciting, fast-paced card game provides kids with hard-hitting practice in math skills!

Players pick and pass cards as fast as they can to make math equations. It's fast! It's crazy! And it's so much fun, kids will want to snap it up again and aga

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