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Alphabet Dice

30-sided dice marked with all 26 letters of the alphabet in lowercase, as well as four green “wild” faces. Excellent as a companion to the games in our literacy books.


Story Starter Cubes

Spark creative thinking by rolling the cubes to start stories or ask thought-provoking questions about one another. Lightweight foam is soft and quiet. Six 2” foam cubes: 12 characters (green), 12 situations (purple), and 12 settings (blue). Includes sugg


Place Value Dice (8 Pack)

Learn about place value, math operations, and probability. Soft plastic dice are quiet and durable. Values 0.0 through 1,000,000. 8 colors. 1" x 1 1/2"


Soft Foam Dot Dice

Great for playing classroom games and teaching probability concepts; dice feature dots 1 through 6.
Sold individually.


Dice Within Dice

Learn about place value, math operations, and probability.
Includes nine 1" dice: 3 red, 3 green, and 3 blue each with a white die inside


Vowel Dice

6-sided dice marked with the five vowels, plus the letter Y. Perfect for use with missing vowel decks and great with sight decks, alphabet tiles and our literacy books


Power Play (19 spec dice)

Place Value Games with Place Value Dice
Mini Kit For Teachers & Parents
A handful of these 10-sided dice will roll up numbers from 0.001 all the way up to 100,000! We’ve written a book of place value games around these place value and place value system


On a Roll to Literacy and More

Bigger and Better! On A Roll To Literacy comes complete with letter tiles and 2 alphabet dice. Ideal as a classroom center.


Colorful Jumbo Dice 4pk

Learn about place value, math operations, and probability. Soft foam dice are quiet and durable. 4 colors. 2 1/2" cubes. 4 total.


Play on Words (Book, cards, dice)

Our newest literacy book! Includes eighteen games built around our sight word and missing vowel decks. Students use the decks with letter dice, vowel dice and letter tiles to build words, rhymes, sentences and other language skills. Comes with 1 missing v


Color Word Dice

Large 12-sided dice marked with 12 of the most common color words. Great for primary students learning their color sight words.

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