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Pick from an assortment of classroom posters that will motivate and instruct your students with valuable educational subjects. 17X22
This poster is a beautiful way to introduce students to the Four Sacred Medicines! 17X22
Each of the Medicine Wheel Bulletin Boards are laminated for reusability. They are perfect for getting children and adults to take part in classroom activities. 17X22
There are many different aspects of the Medicine Wheel, and this poster set shows that there is more to the Medicine Wheel than just the four colors.

8 posters per set.
Size: 12" x 18"
Introduce the Seven Teachings to your classroom with this beautiful poster set!
Beautiful Seven Teachings poster set. Great addition to any classroom! Available in English and French.
The Seven Teachings is a great way to build character in your classroom. This amazing bulletin board is a great way to keep the teachings alive.

1 - 24' x 36" main poster
1 - 6" x 36" header
7 - 12" x 18" Teachings posters
This set puts a touch of zen with some extreme art to mystify the beholder.

SIZE 12" x 18"
The Cree, Dakota, Dene and Oji-cree people all have Sacred Laws to live life by. This poster set celebrates the laws by matching them with some beautifully illustrated artwork.
Showingof 33 item(s)