Bumpy Gel Grip

Truly ergonomic. Bumpy surface for a great tactile feel. Designed for Adults & Children, Righties & Lefties. Slim design with bright colors
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"Bumpy Pencil Grip" is lightweight and slim for easier writing. Bumpy surface provides excellent tactile feedback! Encourages proper form, while relieving fatigue. Truly ergonomic. Designed for Adults & Children.

  • Dress up any writing utensil for maximum comfort & control
  • Facilitates a smooth writing & drawing experience
  • Improves precision and accuracy
  • Prevents hand fatigue
  • Fits on stylus pens, pencils, pens & many other writing and drawing tools

Soft gel grips with a great texture. Proven to prevent hand fatigue and to provide maximum control on all surfaces.

Assorted colors. All the pencil grips are latex free and are suitable for right- and left-handers.

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