Life Cycles-Mini-Bulletin

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Use this 48-piece Life Cycles Mini Bulletin Board with Gr. K-2 students to help them:

  • Understand common animal and plan life cycles
  • Comprehend the stages in the lifecycle of the frog, butterfly, and sunflower
  • Identify the correct sequence in the life cycle of the frog, butterfly, and sunflower

Color photographs cover the following topics:

  • Lifecycles of frog: tadpole (breathes with gills), growing tadpole (with hind legs), emergent frog (develops front legs and lungs), and adult frog (tail is gone and lives on land and water.
  • Lifecycle of butterfly: Eggs (laid on a leaf), larva/caterpillar (eats and grows), pupa/chrysalis (changes into adult), and adult (emerges after two weeks).
  • Lifecyle of sunflower: germinating (root begins to grow), sprouting (seed coat falls off), growing (roots, stem, and leaves develop), flowering (bud forms and opens), and seeds develop (petals wither and seeds drop.

Activity insert guide includes list of relevant science standards, as well as, a list of academic vocabulary and their definitions. Guide also includes display ideas, classroom activities, and related learning standards

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