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Use this 30-piece Plants Mini Bulletin Board with Gr. K-2 students to help them:

  • Learn what plants need to survive
  • Identify the parts of a plant and their functions
  • Learn about edible plants
  • Describe the life cycle of a plant
  • Comprehend plant habitats and adaptations
  • Identify parts of a seed
  • Describe how seeds travel

Color photographs cover the following topics:

  • Parts of a seed: baby plant, stored food, seed code
  • How seeds travel: pop, fly, carry and bury, stick
  • Plant parts: roots, stem, leaves, flowers
  • Plant life cycle: germinating, sprouting, growing, flowering
  • Plant adaptations: grassland (grass), rain forest (bromeliad), desert (saguaro cactus), wetlands (mangrove tree)
  • Edible plant parts
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