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Amik Loves School- Wisdom

Amik tells Moshoom about his wonderful school. Then his grandfather tells him about the residential school he went to, much different from Amik’s school. So Amik has an idea….


French Poster set - Seven Teachings

Size: 12" x 18"(Size: 30.48cm x 45.72cm)
7 Posters Per Package!


Teacher's Guide- Seven Teachings

Designed to help teachers in early years classrooms use The Seven Teachings Stories series, by Katherena Vermette, this guide provides the framework and key ideas educators need to become participants in a culturally responsive classroom community and to


Singing Sisters- Humility

Ma’iingan knows she is a very good singer. Conflict erupts when her little sister wants to sing just like her.


Seven Teaching Bulletin Board set

The Seven Teachings is a great way to build character in your classroom. This amazing bulletin board is a great way to keep the teachings alive.

1 - 24' x 36" main poster
1 - 6" x 36" header
7 - 12" x 18" Teachings posters


The Just RIght Gift-Love

Migisi loves his Gookom. Can he find the perfect gift to show her how much?


Misaabe's Stories- Honesty

Misaabe tells great stories – about trolls, and x-ray glasses, and secret agents, and his super-exciting life. But is real life so bad?


Kode's Quest(ion)-Respect

Kode knows many things, but she doesn’t know one thing: What does respect mean? Who will help her figure out the answer?